About Us

PenOp is an independent, non-governmental, non-political and non-profit making body.

This organization was established to promote the operations of the pension industry, provide for self-regulation and ensure that international best practices relating to the industry are observed by the operators registered in Nigeria.

The Role of PenOp

Its role internally, is to add value to its members across all levels; information, education, visibility, networking etc. externally its role is to increase the awareness and visibility of the pension industry and enable external stakeholders understand and participate in the development of this financial sub-sector wherever and whenever possible. Its positioning, is to be the influencer externally and the ‘mother to all’ internally, while managing the perception of the segment through the propagation of its brand values.

Our Values

We are driven by the need to acquire knowledge to enable us to carry out our functions effectively and convey the same to those we come in contact with.

Impact Focused
We understand our role as catalysts for economic and social development through our direct and indirect activities and we take this role very seriously.

We are resilient, efficient, and expansive in our thinking and approach to issues. We never give up and we consider the bottom line in everything we do.

We are always looking for better, faster, and simpler ways to deliver on our objectives and we believe that there is always a better and more creative way to get things done.

We strive for world-class standards and outcomes in everything we do, we ensure that we deliver today better than we did yesterday. We believe in constant improvement.

We respect everyone we come in contact with. We believe that everyone’s voice, opinion, and individuality counts, so we look for the best in everyone and every situation.

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